Signal Conditioning

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Siemens SITRANS I100 Isolating power supply HART
Analog input 0/4 to 20 mA The isolating power supplies are used for the intrinsically safe operat..
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Siemens SITRANS I200 Output isolator HART
Analog output 0/4 to 20 mA for HART The output isolators are used for the intrinsically safe oper..
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Labom Dual-Process Input Meter For Flow/Level/Differential Pressure PH1410
Features Indication and control of flow, level, differential pressure and others 5-digit 0.5..
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Labom LED On-Site Indication for Temperature PH1520
Features LED on-site indication suitable for stainless steel field housing Ø 60mm Display: L..
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Labom P15000H1 Standard-Signal Isolator w/ Power Supply Varitrans, Snap-On Rail Mounting
Features Modular case, extremely compact design Pluggable screw-clamp terminals Input 0(4)..
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Labom PG2 Switching Amplifier for Inductive Proximity Switch Snap-On Rail Mounting
Features Compact housing for snap-on rail mounting DC voltage output 24 V / 20 mA 3 design..
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Labom PG25/PG26 Isolated Switch Amplifier for Snap-On Rail Mounting
Features Compact housing for snap-on rail mounting Suitable for touch and inductive contac..
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Labom Repeater Power Supply for Snap-On Rail Mounting WG21A7
Features Compact housing for snap-on rail mounting (22.5 mm wide)m 3-port isolation High t..
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Labom Smart Temperature Meter LED for Thermocouples and PT100 PAX T
Features Thermocouple and RTD inputs Conforms to its-90 standards Optional custom units ..
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Labom Universal Panel Indicator PH5100 for Process Signals, Thermocouples, PT100
Features Universal panel indicator in 96 x 48 mm DIN format Extremly short mounting depth of..
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Precision Digital PD659 Signal Isolators, Splitters, and Conditioners
The PD659 series includes DIN mountable models for signal isolation, splitting and conditioning of 4..
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Precision Digital PDA1500
FEATURES Combine with the Vigilante II Annunciator to Monitor High Voltages Four High Voltag..
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Müller Analog Summing Amplifier 4-Channel (DR-AS4K)
Download PDF Technical Features Function: Arithmetic mean of input signals Input: 2...4x ..
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Müller Electronical limit value contacts for MH-Series HART (MH-LVE)
Download PDF Technical Features Input: 4...20 mA HART (current loop) Supply: out of curre..
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Müller Limit value switch for standard signals (SU-LX)
Download PDF Technical Features Input 0...10 V, 0(4)...20 mA Relay with change-over conta..
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