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Siemens SITRANS Cloud Connect 240
Use the industry gateway SITRANS CC240 and the associated HART multiplexer SITRANS MX300 to create a..
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Siemens SITRANS RD500
The SITRANS RD500 is a remote data manager providing integrated web access, alarm event handling, an..
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Müller Infrared Vehicle Control System
Technical Features Input device: IR remote control IR range: approx. 5 m Output receiver: ..
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Müller Magnetic Surface Temperature Sensor Radio
Technical Features Input: RTD Pt100 (maximum range -50...+400 °C) Output: Radio transceiver ..
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Müller Mobile Telemetry Load Cell
Technical Features Ranges from 1t up to 500t For use with standard lifting shackles Distan..
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Müller Pressure Sensor Radio
Technical Features Input (pressure): absolute, relative 0...0,1 up to 0...1000 bar Output: R..
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Müller Radio Gateway Server
Technical Features Wireless input: 16 channels for sensors / transmitters Input: 2 SIM-slots..
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Müller Screw-in resistance temperature sensor radio
Technical Features Sensor element: RTD Pt 100, Class A Maximum measuring range: -50...400 °C..
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Müller Visualisization Software
Technical Features Function: Measured value visualization Configuration of MVS-DR Configur..
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Powelectrics Metron4
Download PDF The Metron4 makes remote monitoring simple and affordable, interfacing with sensors,..
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Precision Digital PDA10 Wireless Survey Toolkit
Download PDF → The PDA10 is a wireless surveying tool kit which is intended to be used in conjunc..
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Precision Digital PDW30 & PDW90 Wireless Repeater
Wireless signal repeaters are used to retransmit wireless signals when connectivity is an issue. The..
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Precision Digital PDW30 Point-to-Point Wireless Process Signal Bridge
The Precision Digital PDW30 gives you a simple, straightforward way to get an analog, discrete, or M..
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Precision Digital PDW90 Base Station Module
Modules for the PDW90 base station are easy to install and add functionality to the wireless system...
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Precision Digital PDW90 Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Process Signal Base Station
The Precision Digital PDW90 Base Station is the starting piece to a rugged, customizable, point-to-m..
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