How do you produce quality milk? CIP requirements are a good start.

24 December 2013

Equipment that is used to produce milk and dairy products must be properly cleaned and maintained at all times for hygienic reasons.  There are many chemical and physical combinations of processes that are required in the complete cleaning process.  For example, it is required to specifically sanitize all milking equipment before and after the production process.  This particular process is known as Clean in Place (CIP) cip_small 

Do you know the requirements for CIP cleaning?

The CIP cleaning process provides a circulated cleaning solution to all milk contacted surfaces Some of the most important factors that must be controlled in CIP are:

  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Water Volume
  • Chemical Balance
  • Flow Velocity

The CIP wash cycles include the following operations:

Ø  Pre-wash rinse-

  • Immediately after milking, 110-120 degrees F flush
  • Do not re-circulate (runoof must be diverted to drain)
  • Removes 95% of soil
  • Heats equipment
  • No chemicals used
  • Rinse until clear

Ø  Wash Cycle –

  • Chlorinated alkaline cleaner
  • Circulate for 10 minutes
  • Starting temperature 170 degrees F
  • Discharge temperature 120 degrees F
  • Wash solution pH 11-12
  • Total alkalinity 1000-2000ppm
  • Active chlorine 120-170ppm
  • Removes milk fat, proteins, and minerals

Ø  Acid Rinse-

  • Solution pH 3 (Optimum)
  • Starting temperature is 120-140 degrees F
  • Circulate for 5 minutes
  • Removes chlorine, detergent, and mineral residues
  • Inhibits bacteria growth
  • Increases chemical activities

Ø  Sanitizing Cycle- 

  • Sanitize using EPA registered sanitizer
  •  Run cycle for 25 minutes before milking,
  • Starting temperature 95-100F
  • Follow instructions on Sanitizer label
  • Kills ALL bacteria

Additional Best Practices to Develop and Maintain Good Housekeeping

Ø  Use a manual cleaner for all manual surfaces Ø  Hand wash and acid rinse all small parts not normally in contact with the CIP process Ø  Hand wash all exterior surfaces of equipment Ø  Sanitize all parts prior to use Ø  Clean all walls, floors, and the general areas

Siemens has specifically designed a magnetic flow meter to meet many applications in the Food and Beverage Industry.  This meter now has the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) certification and is available for use in the dairy market which will allow you to produce high quality milk. 

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