How do you accurately measure irrigation water without drying up your profits?

24 December 2013

If there is one thing we all can agree on it is this:  nothing    is getting cheaper.

Even water costs more these days.  In days past, water was thought of  as practically free.  It fell from the sky and was delivered clean to  our homes and businesses for pennies a month.  Farmers relied on the  rain falling from the sky to irrigate their crops, and when this was  not enough, it flowed from nearby rivers, streams, and channels to  make up the difference.

As populations grew, the demand for irrigation water increased, while  existing supplies decreased.  This prompted the need to control and  meter water distribution, assuring resources were properly allocated.   The next question was — how do you measure irrigation flow  accurately and reliably out in a field, where there is little to no  power available to run measurement devices?  Ultimately, the cost of  this operation must be affordable as farming profits are already  tight.  So, what is the answer?2-18-mag-8000-irrigation-family292_story

Continuous preservation of this valuable commodity requires an option  that is versatile, realistic and portable.  A battery-operated,  in-line electromagnetic flow meter (Mag Meter) is quickly becoming one  of the preferred means of water measurement for crop irrigation.

Where irrigation systems are used in the production of crops, it is  essential that the delivery of water is accurately measured and  monitored.  The accuracy of an electromagnetic flow meter ensures  water waste is kept to a minimum and farmers’ crops get the  proper amount of irrigation with a minimum of hassle.  With no moving  parts, mag meters are not prone to wear nor have performance  degradation over time.  The potential for flooding means that  IP68/NEMA 6P enclosure enabling installation and underground  installation is optimal.  A perfect solution would include easy  installation with minimal inlet and outlet requirements.  All of these  attributes make an electromagnetic flow meter like Siemens MAG 8000i water meter that is  perfect for those demanding conditions in our farmers’ fields.

Water is necessary to sustain life, yet in so many parts of the  world, it is becoming increasingly scarce.  As stricter legislation is  enacted to preserve this vital resource for future generations, the  irrigation industry faces a formidable challenge: more carefully  managing water consumption and waste prevention while still remaining  profitable.  As a knowledgeable partner in process instrumentation,  Siemens understands the needs of today‘s irrigation industry.

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