Beer brewed according to the purity law

6 March 2014

Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in Germany and many other countries. Constantly high microbiological quality is a key success factor in the brewing of beer. Temperature – as a critical process parameter – is monitored during the entire brewing process.

The LABOM resistance thermometer with clamp-on technology is an excellent solution for this challenging process environment. It meets the criteria and requirements relating to hygiene regulations, accuracy, easy and flexible installation and price.

The task: lab testing Investigation of a temperature sensor “GA2620” with no direct contact with medium, and compare to a reference measurement in a water pipe with a conventional Pt100 thermometer that is immersed in the process liquid. The temperature sensor senses the temperature on the outside of the pipe.


The solution: high precision – no dead zones The test yields deviations of less than +/- 1 K for the “on-surface” measurement with GA2620 compared to the invasive Pt100.

The benefit of this device is its flexibility: the probes can be adapted for different pipe cross-sections, and can be retrofitted for existing plants.

As the sensor is mounted on the outside of the pipe, there are no dead zones, gaps or reduced flow conditions. The cleanability of the plant is not affected.

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