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Labom – Pressure gauges with outstanding price/performance ratio


Pressure gauges with outstanding price/performance ratio: BA5 ECO – both DN63 + DN100 with short delivery times The bourdon tube pressure gauge is suitable for measuring gaseous, liquid and aggressive media in areas with particular requirements. It is especially popular in machinery construction, chemical and petrochemical industry and in general process technology. Available in 2 […]

Labom – More flexibility: Pressure transmitter PASCAL Ci4


More flexibility: Pressure transmitter PASCAL Ci4: Rear sided connection or front flange for flush mounting The digital pressure transmitter PASCAL Ci4 is suited for measuring the relative and absolute pressures of gases, vapors and liquids. The design allows to meet highest demands. An easy 4 -button operation allows to parameterise the device quickly and intuitively. […]

Labom – Level transmitter PASCAL Ci4 LEVEL


Level transmitter PASCAL Ci4 LEVEL with intuitive level wizard allows configuration in a few steps – no reading of manuals necessary The level transmitter PASCAL Ci4 Level comes with a fully optimised user-interface especially designed for hydrostatic level measurement. There are no limits regarding measurement values, no manual calculation is required any more. The display […]

Labom – High-precision pressure measurement using PASCAL Ci4 & diaphragm seals: ATC-technology reduces temperature error by 90%


A high temperature error is often the reason that diaphragm seals with small diameters don´t meet accuracy requirements. Our solution: ATC-Technologie (Active Temperature Compensation) An additional temperature sensor is positioned directly behind the membrane of the diaphragm seal. Thus a much faster response to temperature changes enables a precise correction of the occurring temperature error. […]

Siemens FUS060 delivery stop lifted


The temporary delivery stop with SITRANS FUS060 based flowmeters has been lifted We are pleased to inform you that the temporary delivery interruption of SITRANS FUS060 based flowmeters has been lifted. The end of life time components of this transmitter are updated to new ones and a new firmware (V 4.00.00) has been implemented. Products […]

Siemens SITRANS FM Flow Meters – now without Terminal Blocks fitted


Terminal blocks are now delivered loose in a pack. Please note that terminal blocks are no longer factory fitted into the flow sensor terminal box as standard because a compact mounted flow sensor and transmitter do not require them. When ordering your flow sensor and transmitter… If you order a remote mount transmitter and flow […]

Fox – More Gas Options Available with Gas-SelectX


Fox has expanded the gas selection menu in Model FT1’s Gas-SelectX® feature. Helium, Propane, Butane, and Hydrogen have been added as pure gas options available in the menu. In addition, when the ‘Gas Mix’ option is chosen, the user may now choose up to 3 gases available in the gas selection menu. The user can […]

Fox Model FT1 Wins Award


Fox is proud to announce that the Model FT1 has won the 2015 Flow Control Innovation Award due to its revolutionary design and advanced features! The FT1 is equipped with innovative design elements such as the DDC-Sensor™ technology platform that allows the Gas-SelectX® gas menu selection tool to operate. Customers want an advanced flow meter […]

Members of the Institute of Measurement and Control


Process Instruments are now members of the Institute of Measurement and Control. The Institute of Measurement and Control (InstMC) is the only professional body in the UK automation sector dedicated to the science and application of measurement and control. It is also a compact organisation where all members work closely together to achieve common goals.

Fox: Gas-SelectX Now Has More Gases/Gas Mix Options


The Gas-SelectX Feature available on the Fox Model FT1 has been expanded to include two more gases – Butane and Hydrogen. Now the list of gases includes all of the following: Methane Carbon Dioxide Nitrogen Air Natural Gas Argon Propane Helium Oxygen Butane Hydrogen Gas Mixes The Gas Mix option can now include ANY THREE […]

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