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Hydrogen for everybody

30 April 2015

Hydrogen for everybody: measuring solutions for hydrogen processes in the chemical and power supply industries

hydrogen_for_everybodyMeasuring technology for hydrogen applications has to meet with it special requirements. LABOM provides its special expertise in this area with different solutions: The COMPACT HYDROGEN pressure transmitter is designed for measuring the pressure of hydrogen by means of a special dry sensor based on a strain gauge. For example, it is used in the laboratories of major chemical companies. Individual workstations there have to be supplied with hydrogen through supply pipes. The companies rely on the COMPACT HYDROGEN for monitoring the pressure in the pipes.

LABOM has many years of experience with hydrogen applications in the chemical industry. Other new industries now also benefit from the know-how that LABOM has acquired in this area because hydrogen has also become an increasingly important issue for renewable energy producers in the wake of Germany’s changed energy policy – for example, as a storage medium for energy:

Properties, such as long-term stability without the need for maintenance and low maintenance costs combined with a minimal risk of the measuring technology failing are important selection criteria for the economic operation of power-to-gas plants.