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New plastic diaphragm seal for use in very aggressive and difficult media

30 April 2015

plastic_diaphragmThe plastic design provides a cost-effective design when measuring solid-free, neutral and aggressive liquid media in the waste water engineering, electroplating and chemical plant engineering sectors as well as in the semiconductor industry.

The DD8040 has an EPDM diaphragm that is coated with PTFE on the process medium side. Silicone-free synthetic oil is used to fill the system. The upper part of the basic body with the measuring equipment connection is made from glass fibre reinforced polypropylene in orange (RAL 2004).

The lower part with the process connection is available in different versions. The DD8040 diaphragm seal is suitable for different temperature ranges depending on the base material used. It is suitable for fitting to mechanical pressure gauges and is available in combination with pressure transmitters.