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MultiCon – Application 58: Pulse inputs CP2/CP4 – additional functionalities


MultiCon can be equipped with pulse counter inputs. A single card features 2 or 4 inputs, depending on the chosen module. Additionally, MultiCon can communicate with external SLI-8 module (equipped with 8 independent inputs). An interesting solution is to realize two balances using a single physical input. For instance, you can count all pulses received […]

MultiCon – Application 57: Conditional data recording in practice


One of the most popular MultiCon functionalities is the data recording feature, where on the level of basic parameters you can define logical channels that are going to be recordered, as well as data recording frequency. It is also a good idea to take a look at the remaining data recording parameters provided by the […]

Labom: Biotechnology


The challenge: Sterile in every last corner In both production steps the system must be cleaned and sterilized after every batch. It is essential that a sterilisation temperature of 120 °C or higher is reached at every point in the system. This requires monitoring the temperature at various critical points. The solution: measurement without intervening […]

Burkert – Steam Control & Heat Transfer


From pasteurizer control to simple tempering of water, autoclaving of canned food to sterilization of pipework and vessels, our experience is heat exchange control. Our control solutions offer ease of use, fast reaction times and a reduced footprint for all kinds of heat transfer applications. Steam has two main industrial uses; to sterilise an object […]

Meet the ProVu Family of Meters


ProVu digital panel meters are full-featured, high end, meters that represent the continuum of 34 years of development by Precision Digital Corporation. The ProVu joins the Sabre and Trident as the most powerful member of Precision Digitals 1/8 DIN meter family. With these products, we offer a complete range of meters for all price and […]

Siemens: New, higher-precision pressure transmitters added to the Sitrans family


Siemens is extending the Sitrans P family of its pressure transmitter portfolio. By adding the newly developed Sitrans P310 and P410 to the Basic and Advanced segments and the proven Sitrans P500 in the Premium segment, Siemens is now able to offer the right device class to address every conceivable measurement requirement. The proven Sitrans […]

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