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More robust than ever: Our SIPART PS2


The flameproof stainless steel enclosure is the newest member of the positioner family. SIPART PS2 is currently the most widely used positioner for linear and part-turn actuators in a broad range of process industries. This is not without reason. The proven all-rounder offers comprehensive func- tionality and diagnostics, controls a variety of valves both safely […]

New Wireless Products Coming Soon From Precision Digital


Precision Digital’s PDW30 is a point-to-point wireless bridge that gives you a simple, straightforward way to get an analog, discrete, or Modbus signal from where you have it to where you need it. It is packaged in a rugged, weather tight housing designed to meet the demands of industrial installations. The PDW90 is a rugged, […]

Siemens UK & Ireland – Best Performing PI Country Award 2016


I am delighted to report that last week, Siemens UK & Ireland was officially recognised as ‘Siemens best performing  PI country globally for 2016’. This is a fantastic achievement and a massive thank-you from the Siemens PI team in Worcester, goes out to all our Partners who helped make this possible.

Measuring Pure Gases with Thermal Mass Flow Meters


Fox Flow Meters provide the real time responsiveness required in a variety of pure gas flow measurement applications. Pure gases may be used in any of these applications and industries:     Food Processing like CO2 in beer manufacturing, nitrogen in mayonnaise manufacturing, hydrogen in hydrogenated oil production Pharmaceutical Industry for tablet and pill coating […]

Siemens Weighing module SIWAREX WP521 ST / WP522 ST


SIWAREX WP521 ST and WP522 ST are technology modules for the SIMATIC S7-1500 advanced controller family and are optimally prepared for gravimetric level measurement of silos and hoppers as well as for platform scales. Beside that the weighing modules can also be used for weighing applications in hazardous locations (with Ex-interface SIWAREX IS). The new […]

Optical temperature sensing within the smallest space


Welcome to Evonik Industries in Marl, Germany. The company specializes in high-performance polymers and uses tube and tube bundle reactors. Inline temperature measurements in spatially confined applications place special demands on measurement technology. SITRANS TO500, Siemens innovative new measuring system for fiber-optic temperature measurement has been developed for exactly this purpose. It allows a greater […]

5 reasons why you need to meet SITRANS TO500


A 1.2 mm sensing rod diameter gives more reaction space Up to 48 measuring points per sensor means precise identification of hot spots Like other fiber-optic sensors, it is not sensitive to electromagnetic interference The temperature sensor is chemically resistant Smaller thermowells give a faster response time since the air gap between sensor fiber and […]

Temperature measuring system lengthens the service lives of plants and improves product quality


Innovative Sitrans TO500 multipoint temperature measuring system Precise determination of the temperature profile to optimize processes Up to 48 measuring points per measuring lance Better exploitation of the reactor space through the smaller protective tube Especially suitable for applications in the chemical industry ​In the Sitrans TO500, Siemens is putting an innovative measuring system for […]

The “black magic” of solids flow measurement


Walking through your Portland cement plant, you see a huge amount of equip- ment every day. Conveyor belts, pressure and temperature measuring devices, filter systems, additive dosing machinery—the list goes on and on. Take solids flowmeters: you know what they do, how to fix them (or who you should call to fix them!), but have […]

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