Siemens: Hydroranger Plus Production Continues

29 February 2016

hyrdrorangerIn these current challenging economic climates, where finances have come under relentless scrutiny, it is not unusual for users to expect existing assets to continue measuring reliably for longer. Siemens understands these challenges, and in addition to continually developing market leading products like the Sitrans LUT 400 ‘The world’s most accurate ultrasonic level controller’, and the all new Hydroranger 200 HMI, we are also focused on our retrofit product portfolio.

Today Siemens are pleased dispell market place rumours of a pending Hydroranger + retirement and announce that the rack and panel versions will continue production until 2024.

With over 10,000 Hydroranger+’s controlling processes’ in the UK and Ireland water industry, this decision offers our customers a simple ‘like for like’ option, which will surely save much time and money when replacing existing controllers and continues to promote Siemens ongoing commitment to supporting the UK and Ireland water industry requirements.

Hydroranger Plus

The HydroRanger Plus is an ultrasonic level controller for control of wet wells and reservoir pump operations, differential control and open channel flow monitoring, using energy-saving algorithms.

The system is effective in wet wells, weirs, and flumes where foam and turbulence are typical operating conditions. The system consists of the Hydroranger Plus electronics and a hermetically sealed, slef cleaning, corrosion-resistant Echomax® transducer. These components can be separated by up to 365 m.

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