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More robust than ever: the SIPART PS2 valve positioner is now available in stainless steel


SIPART PS2 is currently the most widely used positioner for linear and part-turn actuators in a broad range of process industries. This is not without reason. The proven all-rounder offers comprehensive functionality and diagnostics, controls a variety of valves both safely and dependably, and fulfills a multitude of highly specific requirements. And now it is […]

Ahoy! On the high seas with Siemens transmitters


Cast off and full speed ahead! Four ships designed by the TGE Marine company leave the ports – with pressure and differential pressure transmitters from the Siemens SITRANS P DS III series on board. The digital pressure transmitters are used to measure gauge pressure, absolute pressure and differential pressure. This is what the near future […]

Siemens – Your single-source partner for integrated marine solutions


Today’s shipping industry is challenged by global competition, rising operating expenses and increasingly stringent environmental regulations. With more than 130 years of experience in automation for marine and industry applications, Siemens is your trusted partner for integrated marine solutions. From bow to stern and everything in between, every marine application can be fully optimized with […]

Siemens: The SITRANS FC430 flowmeter ensures a smooth- running recovery process at the Vandemoortele plant


Since 1899, the Vandemoortele plant in Izegem, Belgium, has been providing the region with high-value frozen bakery products, packed margarines and shortenings. Employing roughly 5000 workers in 12 European countries, the company owes its success to high standards of quality, innovative production technologies and a certain flair for finding economic alternatives. The latest example is […]

Multicon – Application 70: Recording of wood drying parameters


Exemplary applications of MultiCon include the recording of wood drying parameters. With the multi-channel input modules, the device is capable of monitoring temperature and moisture content, both inside the chamber and of the wood itself. If the process is more demanding, MultiCon can also be used to control those parameters, maintaining them at a constant […]

Siemens: A glass full of automation for Italy’s largest wine producer


Process instrumentation and control system With help from Siemens instrumentation and control system, operators at Italy’s largest wine producer, Caviro, with an 8.3% market share, ensure each glass of wine poured lives up to the company’s worldwide reputation. Caviro is an agricultural cooperative, the largest in the Italian wine-producing sector, with wines from 12,000 winemakers, […]

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