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Fox Velocity Calculator


The Fox Velocity Calculator is a helpful tool. This Calculator can help you determine whether a Fox Meter is right for your application. Try the Fox Velocity Calculator Tool →

Why does your perfect belt scaleunder-perform?


Here are 10 most common reasons and what you can do about them It might be a fruit farmer installing a belt scale on a large incline, or a salt miner placing an idler too low under a conveyer belt, or a cement producer not using a speed sensor. In each of these scenarios – […]

Multicon Application 74: MultiCon as the sorting line controller


The simplest form of product sorting consists of an analysis of a single feature of the products. If it is necessary to analyse multiple parameters, the process can be conducted in several simple steps or in a single comprehensive step, but, in such cases, simple logical conditions are no longer sufficient. It is necessary to […]

Multicon Application 73: Remote control


The computer is now a device so common that even people whose profession is unrelated to technology find it indispensable in everyday life. Similarly, control systems are installed not only in industrial establishments, where the personnel in charge of maintenance can monitor the process, but also in places where trained engineers are hard to find. […]

Siemens: Air and cost savings with SIPART PS2


Advantages of switching principle with piezopneumatic technology for positioners. The Issue Compressed air is one of the easiest sources of power to distribute and use. Unfortunately, compressed air as a transfer medium and method of energy storage is very cost-intensive in comparison to other options. Pneumatic actuators are widely used because they are low in […]

Recovering Gas from Digesters in Wastewater Treatment


Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) use large, heated digester tanks to remove and dispose of solid waste material. Here, bacteria break down the material, producing digester gas in the process. A Thermal Mass Flow Meter from Fox can monitor the flow of the gas. Methane is a primary component of anaerobic digester gas (ADG) and a […]

Simex ProSens – new quality in measurements


Data acquisition systems for environmental monitoring and control support the production processes to ensure high quality services over the years. To meet these needs, we developed a new line of industrial ProSens instrumentation, integrating the functionality of sensors, transmitters, meters and controllers. Main Features 1 or 2 measuring channels available, with or without a probe […]

Fox: Direct Mass Measurement of Landfill Gas


Landfill Gas (LFG) contains methane, a potent greenhouse gas. The EPA requires landfill operators to collect the methane produced on site, and where it is not being used for energy production, it must be flared to prevent its release. Landfill Gas to Energy (LFGTE) facilities typically extract gases from multiple wellheads, which are connected to […]

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