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Air Flow Meters for Air Applications


Fitting your systems with accurate air flow meters is an effective first step in controlling energy costs. High power costs force many plant managers to improve control of compressors, blowers and other air systems. With a mass air flow meter system, costly air and gas leaks can be identified on a system-wide scale. This is […]

An Accurate Measure


One of the world’s largest phosphate mines has turned to Siemens for accurate production rate measuring, as PMatt Morrissey, Siemens Canada, explains. Phosphorus is an essential component in agriculture. It is one of three nutrients, along with nitrogen and potassium, used in commercial fertilizer, giving it a vital role for food production. Unlike many modern […]

Hey neighbor, can I borrow a few thousand cups of sugar?


Imagine that you own a chocolate factory. You are in the middle of a large- scale production when your sugar silo is suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, empty. Why? Because the devices that are supposed to tell you how much sugar is in that silo have all failed. Who can you borrow sugar from? Do you […]

A better way to measure bitumen


Bitumen is the essential glue that transforms aggregates into asphalt. But it must be delivered in accurate doses, which may not be possible if you are using traditional mechanical flowmeters. Principally, this is because they can only measure volumetric flow and they can also be prone to inaccuracies and drift over time. The real alternative […]

Raising the level of brewing technology with radar level measurement


The year is 1040 and you are thirsty. How about a beer? Fast forward to today, almost a millennium after monks in Weihenstephan, Germany, opened the world’s first brewery, and you will still nd some of the world’s best wheat beer in this region. With the help of Siemens level measurement, Re- search Brewery Weihenstephan […]

New from Siemens the LH300 Submersible Hydrostatic Pressure Transmitter


New from Siemens the LH300 submersible hydrostatic pressure transmitter now with PPE, stainless steel and ETFE caps The pressure transmitter SITRANS LH300 is a submersible sensor for hydrostatic level measurement with protective caps made of PPE, stainless steel and ETFE. The pressure transmitter measures the liquid levels in tanks, containers, channels and dams. The SITRANS […]

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