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ASEPTconnect inline unit enables residue-free cleaning and sterilization


Hygienic and sterile operating conditions are of particular importance in the processing industry – both during the manufacturing process itself and for cleaning and sterilization afterwards. For this reason dead zones, gaps and edges in assemblies should be avoided wherever possible. With its inline unit ASEPTconnect, LABOM provides a product that is not only suitable […]

“Kombibar” devices: Single process connection – dual benefit


The Industrial Safety Ordinance (formerly Pressure Vessel Ordinance) requires that containers under pressure must have constant surveillance – this includes the possibility to indicate the pressure at all times. In the event of a malfunction such as a power cut, electronic transmitters will fail. For this reason in addition to an electronic transmitter the “Kombibar” […]

Raising the level of brewing technology with radar level measurement


The year is 1040 and you are thirsty. How about a beer? Fast forward to today, almost a millennium after monks in Weihenstephan, Germany, opened the world’s first brewery, and you will still find some of the world’s best wheat beer in this region. With the help of Siemens level measurement, Research Brewery Weihenstephan – […]

Fox Model FT1 Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter


The Gas-SelectX® feature is a revolutionary new feature that allows the user to have a meter capable of measuring more than 10 different gases accurately. The user can choose from the list of gases below or mix any to create a custom gas mix specifically for their application! Gases currently available with Gas-SelectX® on the […]

Beverage container manufacturer improves production inventory control


Using Siemens radar level transmitters A company in the south eastern United States produces and supplies beverage containers to a large number of bottling plants. The company produces a wide size range of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles for both carbonated soft drinks and water. PET bottles are formed in a two-step process that includes both […]

Reducing material waste in flexible PET production


Whether for a variety of industrial uses or in your favourite workout gear, polyester has become an inherent part of our daily lives, especially in the form of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Specialists in producing this versatile material, a chemical plant in Indonesia was looking for a solution to reduce the waste resulting from product variance. […]

Air and cost savings with SIPART PS2


Advantages of switching principle with piezopneumatic technology for positioners. The Issue Compressed air is one of the easiest sources of power to distribute and use. Unfortunately, compressed air as a transfer medium and method of energy storage is very cost-intensive in comparison to other options. Pneumatic actuators are widely used because they are low in […]

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