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Why Do You Need Two Displays?


Sometimes you can’t get all the process information you need from a transmitter, like the one shown in the top of this picture to the left. For this particular application the customer needed the total flow to be recorded by a plant operator. The transmitter display on the top is only showing instantaneous flow rate, […]

Back to Basics {Part 1}: The Fundamentals of 4-20 mA Current Loops


As major as the 4-20 mA loop standard has become in the process control industry, many do not understand the fundamentals of its setup and use. Not knowing the basics could potentially cost you money when it comes time to make decisions about process display and control. This article will define what a 4-20 mA […]

Measuring level in wastewater treatment effluent flume


Situation A local Siemens representative was visiting a construction site for a new water/ wastewater treatment plant in the Southeast United States. Recent growth in the local housing market near an EPA wet- lands area required the installation of a new package treatment plant. Discharge permits for this new plant would require continuous flow monitoring […]

Enhance Emissions Monitoring Systems


The Federal Clean Air Act (FCAA) requires the U.S. EPA to set national ambient air quality standards to ensure public health. State agencies, as well as regional and metropolitan air quality management districts, are responsible for ensuring attainment and maintenance of these standards. These agencies have published rules and regulations regarding NOx and CO emissions […]

Drilling fluid producer discovers the Coriolis advantage


Accurate, repeatable chemical measurement with the SITRANS FC430 Drilling fluid is critical for successful oil extraction. Typically made up of water, clay and a complex mix of chemicals, it supports the drilling process in a variety of ways – from lubricating and cooling the drill bit under high-temperature and high-pressure conditions, to lifting drill cuttings […]

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