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Let’s get back to basics: Loop vs Line Power


The previous article in this series discussed loop-powered, or two-wire, devices. These instruments utilize the power supplied to the current loop to power themselves. A two-wire connection may not always be the most optimal power solution because of its inability to power devices that require a large voltage drop. Three and four-wire devices incorporate an […]

Precision Digital: Ground Loops & Non-Isolated Commons


Any installer of industrial process control equipment will tell you that ground loops are one of the most frustrating signal connection errors to diagnose and repair. The steps required in order to troubleshoot them are often equated to something as mysterious as magical incantations. Issues caused by shared, non-isolated commons are viewed with a similar […]

Labom Calibration Service


Measuring instruments must be calibrated regularly to avoid measurement errors and to ensure the safety of production processes and product quality. Labom provides a calibration service either within the factory in Hude or on site. We provide calibration certificates according to EN 10204 3.1. Following variables can be calibrated: Pressure Temperature Current Voltage Resistance Speed […]

ATC Technology reaches outstanding results in accuracy in diaphragm seal applications


High-precision pressure measurement with PASCAL Ci4 and ATC technology (ATC = Active Temperature Compensation) reduces the temperature error by  90% Diaphragm seals are frequently used in the process industry for pressure measurements to protect the measuring device against aggressive media or to create a gap-free process connection. With the help of diaphragm seals, every measurement […]

Software LAB4Level displays all level values on site


Based on the parameterisation concept and the design of PASCAL Ci4 pressure transmitter, LABOM has developed a software application optimised for level measurements: LAB4Level. During set-up, input for all key parameters is prompted one by one. Likewise, the teach-in of the tank shape only requires the user to input the current filling volume, or weight, […]

Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter Pascal CV3330 with switching option


Differential pressure transmitter PASCAL CV comes with smart modular technology, where function modules can be replaced or added on site without recalibration (“plug and measure”) Very small compact design with multifunctional display Predestined for hygienic applications Hygienic stainless steel case with high moisture protection Volume reduced differential pressure chamber, suitable for the direct mounting of […]

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