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ATC Technology reaches outstanding results in accuracy in diaphragm seal applications

30 August 2017

High-precision pressure measurement with PASCAL Ci4 and ATC technology (ATC = Active Temperature Compensation) reduces the temperature error by  90%

Diaphragm seals are frequently used in the process industry for pressure measurements to protect the measuring device against aggressive media or to create a gap-free process connection. With the help of diaphragm seals, every measurement task can find its solution. A drawback is that the pressure  transmission  fluid used in the device expands as a result of the process heat. This generates a restoring force depending on the rigidity of the diaphragm, which is received as an error in the pressure measurement.

To remedy this, LABOM has developed a further compensation process to create a solution for this problem. The temperature of the pressure transmission fluid is recorded with an additional temperature sensor (ATC technology (ATC = Active Temperature Compensation)).

Resulting errors can now mathematically be corrected immediately, so that the temperature error can be reduced by 80-90% with small diaphragm seals (in a stationary state)?.

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