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From Practice: Diaphragm seal DD8020 in special design for homogenizers in dairy plants

30 August 2017

Application: Homogenization is the process of breaking down the fat molecules in milk so that they are all of the same (small) size. That means that milk is pumped at a pressure of 150 to 300 bar on a metal plate. This process finally  improves the digestibility of milk.

Solution: The diaphragm seal DD8020 is used for high pressure applications up to PN 600 and PN1000 and shows an extremely high stability and durability in the process. It can be combined with safety pattern gauge CK5 with on-site indication and electronic output signal, so that a low cost but high stability kind of instrumentation for homogenizers can be realized. Of course, the diaphragm seal can also be combined with electronic pressure transmitters.
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