LTC diaphragm technology

4 October 2017

What is the benefit of diaphragm seals with LTC membrane and – in which applications makes it sense

Beverage industry: Pressure measurement in tanks containing liquids with fluctuating temperatures. This is the case when the production process requires heating and cooling in one batch. The temperature changes should not affect the results of the pressure measurements.

Reference client: Red Bull – China

Suitable applications: Temperature controlled process and storage tanks

Schematic illustration of LTC-membrane – low temperature coefficient


  • Higher accuracy of measurements
  • Temperature error nearly zero
  • Membrane of stainless steel, no expensive special materials necessary
  • Temperature range – 40…350 °C
  • Mechanically robust membrane
  • Unique and patented solution, no other OEM can deliver it


In order to offer a diaphragm seal with low temperature sensitivity for stainless steel diaphragms, the LTC diaphragm (Low Temperature Coefficient) was developed. Due to its special manufacturing process, it has two stable positions, the upper and lower zero position.

Using a special manufacturing process the mechanically robust stainless steel diaphragm with a thickness of at least 0.1 millimetres is put into a neutral position and operates in this range with almost no deflection. This allows the diaphragm to absorb volume changes to the fluid due to the influence of temperature so that these fluctuations have practically no effect.Compared to conventional sinus shaped diaphragms, an LTC diaphragm can deliver up to 70 % greater measurement accuracy.

Diaphragm seals with LTC Technology

Diaphragm seal
Varivent in-line access

Diaphragm seal
flange-type for low pressure application

Diaphragm seal
NEUMO BioControl

Diaphragm seal

Diaphragm seal
DIN 11851, IDF and SMS
DL1/2 / DL6/7

LTC Diaphragm Technology

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