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How do I get verification of my electromagnetic sensors at a low cost?

20 August 2018

There are many things that can impact the accuracy of a magnetic flow meter out in the field.  Incorrect installation and/or wiring can affect the accuracy of the sensor right from the beginning. Since electromagnetic sensors are capable of measuring a wide variety of material, over time, non-conductive material might deposit itself onto the electrodes. Magnetic materials can also get inside the sensor and interfere with its accuracy. In fact, many agencies, such as NIST, require annual verification of electromagnetic sensors; especially those that are involved with custody transfers.

The SITRANS F M Verificator is a simple and reliable solution that enables the owner of an electromagnetic sensor to verify the accuracy of their unit. This in-situ verification allows the verification of the entire flow meter installation including the wiring, the transmitter and the sensor. It compares the current flow meter parameters to the parameters of the original calibration that was taken at the factory.

Siemens now offers the SITRANS F M Verificator Service Program. This program enables customers to rent the device and perform reliable and easy verifications by themselves. Step-by-step guides and an instructional video make it simple for users to perform the tests necessary for them to obtain the certificates of verification for all of their SITRANS F M MAG meters. Not close to a PC or printer while performing the verification test? Siemens is happy to download those certificates for you and mail them within 48 hours upon return of the rented unit.

The service program is very user-friendly and a Siemens sales support representative will be available to guide you through the ordering process. With the added benefit of free shipping, the SITRANS F M Verificator Service Program is the most cost-efficient way to perform a reliable on-site verification.

To view the SITRANS F M Verificator Service Program, please click here.