Identifying and minimizing water loss is a major challenge for water distributors

22 October 2018

SUEZ North America uses data from the Siemens MAG 8000 battery-operated water meter to pinpoint and stop leaks within hours, saving 1 million+ gallons a day!

Suez Solves Big Data Problem with Siemens Magnetic Flow Meter Technology

Siemens SITRANS FM Mag 8000 provides accurate water balance data for water utility in New York, pinpointing line breaks and saving water

Suez operates regulated water systems in eight states, and provides contract services to over five million people. Suez operates several water systems in the suburbs of New York City including Suez New Rochelle and Suez Westchester in Westchester County, New York.

Like many of the nation’s oldercommunities, their infrastructure is aging and in need of repair.

Infrastructure improvement is a critical part of Suez’s strategic objectives for these water systems and the company is committed to making proactive capital investments.

Challenge: To pinpoint and stem water loss quickly and easily – even in no-power situations – in order to save water, energy, and reduce their bottom line.

Suez needed greater visibility into their water usage and flow so that they could minimize water losses. The critical problems Suez wanted to solve their water leaks caused by line breaks in the water mains, and water theft by contractors andother persons. A big main break can waste millions of gallons of water, since the time it takes for the leak to surface could be weeks or even months, according to Nick Curcio, manager of non-revenue water for Suez. In addition, contractors often, and illegally, open hydrants to fill their water tank trucks. Since Suez buys water wholesale, water loss from line breaks and theft goes straight to the bottom line, driving up costs for customers and creating potential safety issues.

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