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Optimising processes in tank farms


“What requirements do today’s tank farms have to meet?” How can my company safely and efficiently transfer and store valuable substances at a tank farm? Do we comply with the emission thresholds? How can we optimize deliveries and avoid leaks? These and other questions are crucial for ensuring safe plant operations. Learn how to optimize […]

Fox Thermal FT2 & 10A Trade-in Program


As of May 1, 2019, Fox Thermal no longer offers service on the discontinued FT2 & 10A product lines. If your FT2 or 10A meter requires maintenance or recalibration, please contact their service department ( for information on trade-in options. Find out more about Fox discountinued products →

Avoid Critical pH Drops in Your Aeration Process


Have you ever experienced significant drops in pH at your WWTP? While most plants will run with stable pH for long periods of time, problems in the nitrification process or seasonal changes in the water matrix can lead to lower alkalinity levels in the water. Low alkalinity levels can lead to bigger problems. When alkalinity […]

Is it coming or not?


What “listening to tracks” has to do with reliable process monitoring in piping and chutes? Siemens devices for process protection form a reliable early warning system. Their robust construction means they are insensitive to dust, dirt, deposits and humidity. Our non-contacting acoustic sensors measure inaudible high-frequency noise emissions, while our non-contacting speed sensors record changes […]

Relay For Life Colchester


We are proud to be supporting Relay For Life Colchester Date: 27 July 2019 Time: 11am (duration 24hrs) Venue: Colchester Garrison Athletics Track, Circular Road North Relay For Life is a team fundraising challenge bringing communities together to beat cancer. Teams of family and friends fundraise for life-saving cancer research, then join other teams and […]

Siemens level measurement myth busting in the environmental market


A common myth that crops up now and again tells us that newer is always better. And why not, with that new device’s shiny bells and whistles—and warnings that we’re missing out if we’re not early adopters of the latest and greatest. But, like knowing you shouldn’t swat flies with a sledgehammer, choosing the right […]

New Micronics UF D5500 Fixed Clamp-on Flow Meter


Best value fixed non-invasive, clamp-on, measurement solution for dirty water applications Best value solution for “dirty” liquid monitoring including: Raw Sewage, Viscous Liquids, Sludge & Slurries, Solvents, Pulp Stock, Food Products, Lubricating Oils & Crude Oil. To suit pipes 12.7mm-4500mm No Pipe cutting, No contact, Non-invasive sensing Easy to use Watertight enclosure New 26 million […]

The New EZ Series from Hach. One Analyser, Multiple Methods.


All around the world, WWTPs face increasing regulatory pressure to lower their effluent levels of Nitrogen and Phosphorous. Traditionally, these nutrients measurements have been collected once a day – but this will not allow you to detect breaches in your permit before it’s too late. Continuous monitoring is the best way to detect potential breaches, […]

A Perfect Match


Optimizing clamp-on flow measurement with Lamb-wave sensors Clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters are a cost-efficient, low-maintenance way to measure volumetric flow through a pipe. these ben-efits stem primarily from the external sen-sors that characterize clamp-on technology. unlike traditional insertion sensors, their clamp-on counterparts do not require any pipe alterations or process downtime for in-stallation; instead, the sensors […]

Can you prove purity in your steam cycle?


At some point your facility may require repair or replacement of boiler or turbine components. If insurance is involved, they’ll likely require proof that your sodium levels were kept within compliance limits—before they’ll contribute funds toward the expense. That’s why many power and/or steam generating facilities depend on an online analyser to detect sodium at […]

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