Introducing the new AGRI-TR

26 July 2019

The Agri-TR is a moisture meter that can measure water content, specific weight and grain temperature.

Measurement principle

The Agri-TR® uses universal capacitive measurement technology to determine the moisture content and specific weight with automatic levelling of sensors (patented system).

Main applications

  • Up to 64 different calibrations available, including cereals, oil seeds, pellets, etc.
  • Possible to develop new calibrations on request.



Measurement started by :

  • Simply filling the hopper.
  • Pressing the test button.
  • Hopper automatically empties.

Full cycle in 35 seconds.

  • Fill the hopper with grain.
  • Press the test button.
  • Read the results on the screen.
  • Retrieve the grain in the drawer.

Adjustment of specific weight measurement by type of grain.

Possible to customise a header for the printout with the optional Aqua-Pro software.

Easy to transport, can be used in the eld and powered from 12V vehicle battery (optional). Multilingual.


Specific adjustment to each type of grain.

Automatic compensation of measurement based on outside temperature and/or grain temperature. Operating temperature: 2 to 45 °C.

Our Partners

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Safecontractor ISO 9001

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