The story behind Siemens Echomax vs BMW video

29 November 2019

Read on for the full story behind Siemens Echomax vs BMW video…

So here’s the story behind the video that has gained so much interest.

I was on a water industry site recently and noticed an original Siemens Milltronics ultrasonic controller installed back in 1990 (nearly 30 years ago). It’s been reliable since the day it was installed and on a critical measurement so it made me wonder – why has the UK water industry purchased @ 250,000 Siemens / Milltronics points of ultrasonic level over the years – I knew they were robust, but I decided to ask my old friend Derek Moore from Siemens for his opinion.. He thinks in pictures (this time videos) so he decided to run over one in his car…

So the challenge / Question I’m putting out there..

1. What other product, still available to buy today is as reliable – let’s see the proof?

2. Will the newer technologies of today withstand the test of time.. Why?

3. What will it take for a decision maker to move away from what is proven, reliable, robust and still at a lower cost? (exception process conditions eg foam, vapours albeit not many of these in the water industry)

4. Does the upfront cost of an instrument really matter when nearly no maintenance has been required in 30 years.

Watch the video again

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