Let’s get back to basics: Loop vs Line Power


The previous article in this series discussed loop-powered, or two-wire, devices. These instruments utilize the power supplied to the current loop to power themselves. A two-wire connection may not always be the most optimal power solution because of its inability to power devices that require a large voltage drop. Three and four-wire devices incorporate an […]

Precision Digital: Ground Loops & Non-Isolated Commons


Any installer of industrial process control equipment will tell you that ground loops are one of the most frustrating signal connection errors to diagnose and repair. The steps required in order to troubleshoot them are often equated to something as mysterious as magical incantations. Issues caused by shared, non-isolated commons are viewed with a similar […]

Your One-Stop-Shop… from Siemens


Start with a compete portfolio of pressure, temperature, flow, level, analytics, weighing and batching instrumentation and systems. Add in integration, constant innovation, and comprehensive services. The result? Your one stop for increasing your plant’s process efficiency and product quality. Grab the One-Stop-Shop brochure here

Simex MultiCon & SCADALite – a breakthrough in data presentation


We are pleased to announce the launch of a new and powerful MultiCon funtionality that has long been expected. SCADALite is an innovative feature that allows you to manage the process directly from the MultiCon display. Essential information can be presented in a graphical form enriched with animations, dynamic graphs and most significant numerical parameters, […]

MultiCon License Keys


The MultiCon is highly adaptable, and it can be adjusted to the requirements of the given application. Apart from the addition and replacement of input/output modules, it is also possible to extend the range of functions without changing the hardware configuration by entering the license key. The first of the keys that are sold introduces […]

MultiCon as the controller in chemical metal treatment processes


The large number of functions of the MultiCon makes it suitable for simultaneous recording and control, which may be useful in chemical metal treatment processes. The process engineers in such applications would then be capable of observing all relevant parameters, e.g., the concentration of the individual elements in the bath, pH or temperature, and also […]

Why Do You Need Two Displays?


Sometimes you can’t get all the process information you need from a transmitter, like the one shown in the top of this picture to the left. For this particular application the customer needed the total flow to be recorded by a plant operator. The transmitter display on the top is only showing instantaneous flow rate, […]

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