Reduce the risks of tank gauging by using work practice control


Manual tank gauging is a common oilfield activity that’s resulted in multiple worker deaths in recent years. By using work practice control, operators can reduce the risks it poses significantly. Every year, in survey after survey, oil and gas producers cite environmental health and safety as their number one priority. Many, however, continue to perform […]

SITRANS FC430 wins award from Control Engineering


Exciting news for SITRANS FC430: this Coriolis flow system has been selected by Control Engineering’s readership as the best instrument in the Process Control category for Flow Meter, Process Sensors! More than 100 finalists from 63 companies were listed on ballots for evaluation in the magazine’s 30th annual Engineers’ Choice Awards. Siemens is one of […]

Measuring level in wastewater treatment effluent flume


Situation A local Siemens representative was visiting a construction site for a new water/ wastewater treatment plant in the Southeast United States. Recent growth in the local housing market near an EPA wet- lands area required the installation of a new package treatment plant. Discharge permits for this new plant would require continuous flow monitoring […]

Raising the level of brewing technology with radar level measurement


The year is 1040 and you are thirsty. How about a beer? Fast forward to today, almost a millennium after monks in Weihenstephan, Germany, opened the world’s first brewery, and you will still find some of the world’s best wheat beer in this region. With the help of Siemens level measurement, Research Brewery Weihenstephan – […]

A glass full of automation for Italy’s largest wine producer


With help from Siemens instrumentation and control system, operators at Italy’s largest wine producer, Caviro, with an 8.3% market share, ensure each glass of wine poured lives up to the company’s worldwide reputation. Caviro is an agricultural cooperative, the largest in the Italian wine-producing sector, with wines from 12,000 winemakers, cultivating 10% of Italian grapes […]

10 things you never knew about point level


SITRANS LPS now has a SIL option for those applications with functional safety requirements. One of the world’s first paddle switches with this option, complementing Siemens’ complete line of SIL-rated point level switches. While competitor paddle switches have limited means to confirm their product has failed, SITRANS LPS’s fail-safe contains a redundant sensor that constantly […]

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