Fox Thermal Technology – How it Works


All thermal Gas Mass Flow Meters from Fox utilize the thermal sensing principle, a proven, accurate direct mass flow measurement technology. This technology performs at high levels of accuracy for a wide variety of gases. Fox Thermal Flow Meters use a constant temperature differential (constant Δ T) technology to measure mass flow rate of air […]

Improved Siemens SIPART PS2 – Partial Stroke Test


The new SIPART PS2 has built-in pressure sensor, these are now utilised to determine the valve signature of your connected pneumatic valve. During this video I demonstrate how to perform a partial stroke test and compare it to the original test carried out during the initialisation. This test now uses the built-in pressure sensors to […]

Siemens Answers: How can you improve the accuracy of your flow meter?


Here’s a tip from a Siemens flow specialist that may help you with the accuracy of your flow meter. Recently, we had a case where a customer complained about the accuracy of his magnetic flow meter. After some investigation, it turned out that the meters installed were oversized for the flow rates and the sensors […]

Improved SIPART PS2. IOT Ready. Valve Performance Tests


The valve performance tests are not a new feature for the SIPART PS2, and has been available since version 5.01 of the firmware. The video shows how to run the tests and how to utilise SIMATIC PDM to produce HTML reports.

Introduction to new and improved SIPART PS2, IOT ready.


Siemens Electro-Pneumatic Valve Positioner the SIPART PS2. Has just received a new upgrade. The name hasn’t changed but functionality has been improved with a new mother board and integrated pressure sensor.

Siemens SIPART PS2 – Fail Safe, Fail in Place, Fail to Open


The SIPART PS2 has grown to become the most widely used valve positioner for linear and part-turn actuators in different process industries. The electro-pneumatic positioner from Siemens has proved to be highly reliable in many valve control applications thanks to its extensive range of functions. This animation explains the selectable behaviour of the SIPART PS2 […]

How to connect HART Instrumentation to IOT Apps


Introduction to SITRANS CC240 Siemens has released a new Namur Open Architecture (NOA) device that allows your ‘current’ 4-20mA smart instruments to be digitalised for IOT / IT applications, using OPC UA or MindSphere On-Boarding connectivity. This video is an overview of the hardware and connectivity options. Find out more about SITRANS CC240 →

Fox Thermal – Industry Leader in Thermal Mass Flow Technology


Fox Thermal sets the industry standard in delivering a broad range of reliable, accurate, and full-featured flow meters. Fox Thermal provides superior quality, award-winning performance, and outstanding on-time delivery to industrial and oil & gas customers worldwide.

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