Solutions with weighing technology and control systems for concrete plant design


In a concrete manufacturing plant, instrumentation integration is ideal. In Ontario, Canada, J. McCoy Equipment and Oshawa Bearing Service know this for a fact. For more than 30 years, J. McCoy Equipment has built concrete batch plants and ready mix concrete facilities. Oshawa Bearing provides the plant automation component, joining both electri- cal and mechanical […]

The benefits of Electromotive valves


Offering unrivalled dosing control Ideal for accurate dosing of products, Bürkert Electromotive control valves utilise a stepper motor that delivers unrivalled performance compared to anything else on the market. Other similar products use rotary motors that are slow and sluggish, meaning some valves can be slow to turn. Electromotive valves are among the fastest on […]

Innovative flow measurement


Burkert FLOWave Type 8098 flowmeter Our Type 8098 flowmeter uses SAW measurement which means there are no sensor elements in the tube. Our Field Segment Manager for hygienic Food & Bev. Mark Lilley explains some of its capabilities. View Burkert FLOWave Type 8098 →

What’s inside a solenoid valve?


Take a look inside the Type 6213 Have you ever wondered what is inside of a solenoid valve? Well look no further! Used within many systems and manufacturing processes, the solenoid valve does not require an engineer to operate the valve as it controls the flow of fluid or gas itself. View Burkert Type 6213 […]

Close cooperation between Bürkert and Siemens


AirLINE SP Type 8647 electropneumatic automation system The Type 8647 can be integrated into Siemens I/O systems SIMATIC ET 200SP & SIMATIC ET 200SP HA. It can also be used with the PCS 7 process control system, allowing all pneumatic process and device data to be represented at the highest plant level making this valve […]

Müller Renewable energies: investment in a new photovoltaik system


The protection of the environment is an important corporate goal for mmc AG. We want to make a contribution to securing the future of the environment and the company through an environmentally oriented company policy. In order to protect the climate, the environment and fossil energy resources, mmc has invested in the sustainable development of […]

MultiCon built into wall-mounted enclosure


Expanding the number of applications for the Multicon line devices, Simex have developed these built into wall-mounted enclosures. It is a housing made of polycarbonate resistant to harsh environmental conditions with a prepared hole for installation of CMC-99 or CMC-141. A high degree of protection (IP 65), provided by a proper sealing of the front […]

NEW Micronics UF AV5500 Area -Velocity Flow Meter


Micronics are pleased to announce an update to their product range; the UF AV5500 Fixed Area-Velocity Flow Meter, which replaces the UF AV5000. Updates include: Built-in 26 million point Data Logger now as standard Modbus RTU via RS485 now available as an optional feature Intrinsic Safety Barriers for mounting in hazardous locations Find out more […]

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