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Maintaining productivity in the food and beverage sector. Cleone Foods produce Jamaican patties and distributes them under its Island Delight brand name. Derived from the Cornish pasty, Jamaican patties can contain a range of fillings with a distinctive, spicy taste. For the past 10 years, Burkert Type 2000 flow control valves have been used to […]

Burket Solenoid valves now available with WRAS approved seals


We now stock valves which contain seals using WRAS approved materials. WRAS approval is the most recognised way to establish compliance with the Water Supply Regulations. This is why we now stock valves that contain non-metallic seals which are appropriate for all your water applications. Contact us for further information.

Bürkert – Emission reduction through exhaust treatment


Our contribution for a clean environment: SCR dosing solutions. With the increasing number of diesel engines being used today the emission values increase drastically. The nitrogen oxides that occur in the combustion of diesel fuel represent problems for our environment. To reduce nitrogen oxides, ammonia is used in the aftertreatment of the exhaust gases. Selective […]

Bürkert – The complete valve package


One-stop UK stock shop simplifies process valve procurement. We have expanded our UK valve stock! Adding a wide range of commonly used valves all fitted with Bürkert actuators and controls available under one roof. Customers will only need one purchase order to complete an entire process installation with one point of contact, significantly reducing time […]

Bürkert Virtual Exhibition


Catch-up with the latest product developments from Bürkert. Why not visit our virtual exhibition stand and take a look around? Exploring our products from our latest flowmeter FLOWave to our pneumatic valve islands. The online exhibition gives you a great insight into just a small taster of our large range. Browse Bürkert products and applications […]

Bürkert – New Diaphragm Valve Video


Combining superior design, leading automation concepts and professional project handling. Diaphragm valves are essential for safe and reliable production. In order to ensure sterile and non-contaminated products it is important to rely on high quality diaphragm valves designed according to your use case. This is why Bürkert offers a broad range of diaphragm valve solutions […]

Reducing concerns in the pharmaceutical industry


The Bürkert Robolux diaphragm valve can reduce wastage and dead volume with an innovative 3-way design. Two major concerns in the pharmaceutical industries are wastage and dead volume. The Bürkert Type 2036 Robolux diaphragm valve addresses these issues with an innovative 3-way design that eliminates dead legs and the need for heavy valve block assemblies. […]

Bürkert’s guide to Microfluidic Valves


Our microfluidic valve designs all offer maximum precision, excellent cleanability and many other benefits. Bürkert’s experience of microfluidic valves dates back to 1993, when we developed rocker valve technology. This new technology, at the time, meant that higher back pressures could be accommodated, which ensured that the valve did not leak. To read our guide […]

Our new Bürkert resistApp


We are glad to announce that our new Bürkert resistApp is now available to download on both App stores as well as an online-tool available on our website. In order to simplify the selection of suitable materials when using Bürkert products for aggressive fluids, we’ve created a new app and tool to proof the suitability of fluids […]

6 ways Christian Bürkert revolutionised fluid control


History has borne witness to countless instances of engineering success stories, here, we explore Christian Bürkert’s. Solenoid valve pioneer, Christian Bürkert, came from a farm in Ingelfingen, Germany and went on to file more than 140 domestic and international patents for control and measurement technology. To learn more about Christian Bürkert, please follow this link.

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