Real time Hardness and Alkalinity monitoring from one analyser


Protect your cooling infrastructure from scaling and corrosion through continuous monitoring. High levels of hardness and/or low buffer capacity poses a risk to the cooling cycle by creating an environment for scaling and corrosion. Continuous monitoring of Hardness and Alkalinity protects your cooling infrastructure by: Allowing cooling water cycles to function under optimal conditions, thus […]

Avoid Critical pH Drops in Your Aeration Process


Have you ever experienced significant drops in pH at your WWTP? While most plants will run with stable pH for long periods of time, problems in the nitrification process or seasonal changes in the water matrix can lead to lower alkalinity levels in the water. Low alkalinity levels can lead to bigger problems. When alkalinity […]

The New EZ Series from Hach. One Analyser, Multiple Methods.


All around the world, WWTPs face increasing regulatory pressure to lower their effluent levels of Nitrogen and Phosphorous. Traditionally, these nutrients measurements have been collected once a day – but this will not allow you to detect breaches in your permit before it’s too late. Continuous monitoring is the best way to detect potential breaches, […]

Can you prove purity in your steam cycle?


At some point your facility may require repair or replacement of boiler or turbine components. If insurance is involved, they’ll likely require proof that your sodium levels were kept within compliance limits—before they’ll contribute funds toward the expense. That’s why many power and/or steam generating facilities depend on an online analyser to detect sodium at […]

Appointed as an official Hach liquid analyser distributor


Process Instrument Sales Ltd appointed as an official Hach liquid analyser distributor. We are delighted to announce our partnership with the World renowned manufacturer of high quality process liquid analysers and sensors. Please visit https://www.pisales.co.uk/services/hach/

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