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Monitoring of every single load cell? By using perfectly integrated SIWAREX WP weighing processors? Mechanical check of your scale? Retrofit of existing systems without the need of mechanical adaptions? Using cost-effective, worldwide known and available sensors? Everything controlled and accessible from your SIMATIC Controller and/or HMI?

Siemens Complete Level Solutions


Siemens have a complete level transmitter and switch portfolio with a solution for virtually any process application. Please review Siemens new comprehensive guide:

New Siemens Junction Box SIWAREX DB


The digital junction box SIWAREX DB guarantees by continuous integration, that data can be gathered and analyzed more comprehensive than never before. This data can be used optimally for targeted monitoring of weighing processes as well as for enhanced diagnosis and the simplification of services. Error reports for each connected load cell will be shown […]

Solutions with weighing technology and control systems for concrete plant design


In a concrete manufacturing plant, instrumentation integration is ideal. In Ontario, Canada, J. McCoy Equipment and Oshawa Bearing Service know this for a fact. For more than 30 years, J. McCoy Equipment has built concrete batch plants and ready mix concrete facilities. Oshawa Bearing provides the plant automation component, joining both electri- cal and mechanical […]

Close cooperation between Bürkert and Siemens


AirLINE SP Type 8647 electropneumatic automation system The Type 8647 can be integrated into Siemens I/O systems SIMATIC ET 200SP & SIMATIC ET 200SP HA. It can also be used with the PCS 7 process control system, allowing all pneumatic process and device data to be represented at the highest plant level making this valve […]

Optimising processes in tank farms


“What requirements do today’s tank farms have to meet?” How can my company safely and efficiently transfer and store valuable substances at a tank farm? Do we comply with the emission thresholds? How can we optimize deliveries and avoid leaks? These and other questions are crucial for ensuring safe plant operations. Learn how to optimize […]

Is it coming or not?


What “listening to tracks” has to do with reliable process monitoring in piping and chutes? Siemens devices for process protection form a reliable early warning system. Their robust construction means they are insensitive to dust, dirt, deposits and humidity. Our non-contacting acoustic sensors measure inaudible high-frequency noise emissions, while our non-contacting speed sensors record changes […]

Siemens level measurement myth busting in the environmental market


A common myth that crops up now and again tells us that newer is always better. And why not, with that new device’s shiny bells and whistles—and warnings that we’re missing out if we’re not early adopters of the latest and greatest. But, like knowing you shouldn’t swat flies with a sledgehammer, choosing the right […]

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