MultiCon built into wall-mounted enclosure


Expanding the number of applications for the Multicon line devices, Simex have developed these built into wall-mounted enclosures. It is a housing made of polycarbonate resistant to harsh environmental conditions with a prepared hole for installation of CMC-99 or CMC-141. A high degree of protection (IP 65), provided by a proper sealing of the front […]

Up to 300 000 000 records!


Each Simex MultiCon device with an active license key (LKS) can record parameters of the supervised process. MultiCon can record any 60 measurement channels at a speed of 10 samples per second. Recorded data is saved to the built-in flash memory. The standard 2 GB memory can be expanded to 4 GB, which in the […]

Simex Advanced PID controllers, autotuning and fuzzy logic on MultiCon CMC


Process control is one of the main functions of our flagship MultiCon device. Apart from simple threshold (ON/OFF) and proportional controls, it is also equipped with proportional-integral-derivative controllers, used mainly to maintain stable conditions in the case of demanding applications. Their operation consists in calculating the difference between the measured and preset values as well […]

Simex new multichannel meters


We are pleased to announce releasing the next generation SWT-99 and SWP-99 instruments. These temperature and analogue input multichannel meters are now offering the following features: universal inputs: TC + RTD or mA + V, display backlight: white or amber, operating temperature option -20°C ÷ +50°C, quick settings via: USB PC or RS-485 (Modbus RTU) […]

MultiCon for electric energy measurements


Another interesting application of the MultiCon line meters is the recording of parameters at a wind power plant. By simultaneous monitoring of multiple parameters, it is possible to control the efficiency of the power plant, detect emerging failures and ensure continuous improvement of the process. The following model works well in the application: CMC-99-PS42/ETU/UI4/RT4/E-001, operated […]

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