The benefits of Electromotive valves


Offering unrivalled dosing control Ideal for accurate dosing of products, Bürkert Electromotive control valves utilise a stepper motor that delivers unrivalled performance compared to anything else on the market. Other similar products use rotary motors that are slow and sluggish, meaning some valves can be slow to turn. Electromotive valves are among the fastest on […]

What’s inside a solenoid valve?


Take a look inside the Type 6213 Have you ever wondered what is inside of a solenoid valve? Well look no further! Used within many systems and manufacturing processes, the solenoid valve does not require an engineer to operate the valve as it controls the flow of fluid or gas itself. View Burkert Type 6213 […]

Process valves – valve configuration and sizing


With our process valve selection and sizing tool seat valves and diaphragm valves with pneumatic and electromotive actuators can be sized easily and accurately. Bürkert’s process valve selection and sizing tool provides many benefits including easy access with no installation necessary, calculation of flow efficiency and a fast and direct request for quotations. To find […]

Electropneumatic valve islands


Modern electropneumatic valve islands for your automation concept. Bürkert can provide a whole range of valve islands for a wide variety of automated applications. For example, the valve island Type 8652 AirLINE provides easy commissioning and maintenance. To find out more benefits of Bürkert’s electropneumatic valve islands click here.             […]

Diaphragm valves for automated production


Diaphragm valves for a new automated production line at Unither Pharmaceuticals Unither is a world leader in the manufacture of formulations for the pharmaceutical industry. Its plant is a specialised production site for manufacture of pharmaceuticals. The company wished to modernise its production line and took the decision to fully automate it. Read more about […]

Direct acting vs pilot solenoid valves


We explain the difference between the two main types of solenoid valves: direct acting and pilot operated. Direct acting valves have a direct connection with opening and closing armature, whereas pilot-operated valves employ the use of the process fluid to assist in piloting the valve’s operation. Both types of solenoid valve have their benefits, which […]

Bürkert Diaphragm valves


Combining superior design, leading automation concepts and professional project handling. Bürkert offers a broad range of diaphragm valves that can be designed to your own bespoke specifications. You can configure your valves by using the best ingredients from a single source with proven Bürkert quality. Click here to learn more about our diaphragm valves.

Bürkert technology for clean processes


Everything you need for your Cleaning in Place (CIP) applications. For applications requiring high standards of hygiene, such as pharmaceutical and food production, Bürkert understands the importance of Cleaning in Place (CIP) whilst also providing reduced maintenance time and costs. To find out more about how CIP works follow this link.

Bürkert: Fermentation Tank Blanketing


Hygienic control valves in application: fermentation tank blanketing Benefits for you All-time hygienic safety in pressure, flow and filling control Eliminating downtimes and maintenance Increasing uptime for precious productivity Fluidic applications carried out in tanks – like fermentation or storage – often require the precious media to be protected from reacting with air, oxygen and […]

Bürkert: Our new Chemical Resistance Chart


In order to simplify the selection of suitable materials when using Bürkert products for aggressive fluids, the following tables provide useful information on the optimal choice of housing and gasket materials for a multitude of media. To view / download your free copy of the Chemical Resistance Chart please click on the link below.

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