Valve island compatible with SIMATIC ET 200SP from Siemens


Bürkert and Siemens combine their expertise. Maximum system availability and process reliability for pneumatic controllers is the goal of a strategic partnership between Bürkert and Siemens. To save space it can be mounted in the control cabinet together with different Siemens modules for controlling up to 64 valve functions. Find out more →

Bürkert ‘closes control loop’ with ball valve + actuator and positioner combinations


Bürkert UK has expanded its range of products for providing complete process solutions with the introduction of a range of ball valves, saving you time by going to one manufacturer only. Available manual or complete with quarter turn single or double acting pneumatic and electric rotary actuators and the facility for low cost positioning control […]

New Valve Island Compatible with Siemens SIMATIC ET 200SP i/0


The new AirLINE SP valve island from Bürkert is designed for optimal compatibility with the Siemens SIMATIC ET 200SP I/O system. Whether for standard digital / analogue input modules or controlling actuators via digital / analogue output modules: everything is integrated in one compact, high-performance automation system. Find out more →

Siemens: How do you reduce water hammer by utilizing your valve positioner?


Water hammer is a very common term in the world of water. Not only can this phenomenon happen in water treatment plants but it can also happen in just about any pumping system and even in steam systems. The effects of water hammer vary from loud banging noise to pipe vibration, pipe breakage, equipment damage […]

Bürkert: Controlling CIP / SIP in food processing applications


It is important that both design and process engineers understand the importance of the right design, both in terms of the pipework and the control valves. Bürkert UK offers free charts to help with valve selection and valve material selection, plus free professional training days throughout the year. To find out more please click here.

Bürkert Round Up


We have a NEW Tube Valve Body video available to view on our YouTube channel. There are quite a few modifications and improvements to the website: We’ve “Googleized” the search experience. i.e. start typing steam, it will suggest steam training. It’s like it reads your mind! The new cart icon is implemented

Valve Solutions: Series 110


This type of control valve with its globe body shape, uses the variable area generated within the control valve trim to control fluid flow. Designed in accordance with ASME B16-34, it is single seated with unbalanced or balanced trim configurations and can be supplied with a wide variety of trim design options. The valve can […]

Burkert: The Complete Control Loop


ELEMENT is a complete system approach from Bürkert that allows you to solve process problems. It encompasses the total loop: valves, sensors, positioners and controllers in one beautifully simple architecture which can be relied on to monitor and control inert fluids, steam, corrosive solvents, chemicals or abrasive fluids in a wide variety of application environments. […]

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