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Liebherr Litronic-FMS P78-SC planar sensor

Liebherr Litronic-FMS P78-SC planar sensor

Liebherr Litronic-FMS P78-SC planar sensor

Product Code: P78-SC

Manufacturer: Liebherr

The Liebherr P78-SC sensor in conjunction with the Liebherr Litronic-FMS/CCS type coating thickness and basis weight determination system has become indispensable for many industrial processes.

The areas of use include the coating of paper, box, film, non-woven and textile webs.

The sensor installations take place, for example, before and after the squeegee for the exact determination of the coating or the humidity

The Litronic-FMS III evaluation and transfer unit, which is a mandatory part of the system, is used to record, process and prepare the values measured by the sensors.

The integrated software is used for convenient parametrisation and calibration. Thanks to the various interfaces, signal transmission to the higher-level control is feasible.

Measurement by the Liebherr sensor system is based on the physical principle of capacitance determination in the high-frequency stray field.

In addition to their high precision and robustness, the measuring devices from Bad Schussenried are characterised by their reproducibility.

Once the sensor has been calibrated, further measuring points can be set up or devices renewed on this basis at any time without great effort. The plant thus always remains reliable, regardless of its previous term and age.

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