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Liebherr Litronic FMS RMH12 pipe sensor

Liebherr Litronic FMS RMH12 pipe sensor

Liebherr Litronic FMS RMH12 pipe sensor

Product Code: RMH12

Manufacturer: Liebherr

The Liebherr in situ water content determination Litronic-FMS III-RMH12 is used to detect the water content (concentration determination) even in very low ppm ranges in emulsions such as diesel fuel, transmission, hydraulic, engine, roller bearing, transformer and turbine oil as well as in battery systems.

The sensors were developed in cooperation with the ISO/TS 16332 standardisation committee for the water separation ability of diesel fuel filters.

The installation takes place on test and inspection stands and replaces the previous manual sampling as well as other offline measuring systems.

Measurement by the Liebherr sensor system is based on the physical principle of capacitance determination in the high-frequency stray field.

In addition to their high precision and robustness, the measuring devices from Bad Schussenried are characterised by their reproducibility.

Once the system has been calibrated, further measuring points can be set up or devices renewed on this basis at any time without great effort. The plant thus always remains reliable, regardless of its previous term and age.

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