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Process Sensors MCT460 Transmitter

Process Sensors MCT460 Transmitter

Process Sensors MCT460 Transmitter

Product Code: MCT460 Transmitter

Manufacturer: Process Sensors

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Advanced Near Infrared (NIR) In-Process Measurement of Moisture, Oil, Coatings and Thickness


A Reliable, Rugged and Accurate Transmitter
The MCT460 Transmitter is available in Stand Alone Configuration or System Configuration.

The MCT460 Transmitter Stand-Alone design makes multiple measurements and creates analog, digital and bus outputs directly from the Transmitter as it operates on the processing line.

The MCT460 System design uses a proprietary cable to communicate to an Operator Interface, located away from the processing line. All analog, digital and bus outputs are available at the Operator Interface.

The Near Infrared (NIR) Operating Principle
Light from the lamp is directed through the rotating, narrow band-pass NIR filters. The filters separate the light into NIR wavelengths, selected specifically by PSC for the measurement and application being performed. The NIR light is then directed onto the product being measured, normally on a conveyor belt or moving web.

Subsequently, the light reflected off of the product is captured by a mirror and focused onto a Lead sulfide detector. The detector’s microvolt output is then taken by the on-board “smart” circuit board and converted into percent moisture or other engineering units.

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