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Process Sensors MCT466-SF

Process Sensors MCT466-SF

Process Sensors MCT466-SF

Product Code: MCT466-SF

Manufacturer: Process Sensors

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A Reliable, Rugged Moisture Gauge System for the Food Industry


Each MCT466-SF moisture gauge system consists of a stainless steel gauge and a stainless steel Operator Interface. The gauge is normally located over a conveying system and is connected by a proprietary heat resistant cable to the Operator Interface. The Operator Interface produces 4-20mA, 0-10 vdc, RS232/485 outputs, along with bus connections such as Ethernet, Profibus, Modbus, etc.

The MCT466-SF is made up of 5 basic components: a quartz halogen lamp, a filter wheel motor, multiple NIR interference filters in a rotating filter wheel assembly, a Lead Sulfide detector and a single “smart” circuit board. The MCT466-SF is fully modular – each of these components can be replaced in the field within minutes.

The Near Infrared (NIR) Operating Principle
Light from the lamp is directed through the rotating, narrow band-pass NIR filters. The filters separate the light into NIR wavelengths, selected specifically by PSC for the measurement and application being performed. The NIR light is then directed onto the product being measured, normally on a belt or vibrating conveyor.

Subsequently, the light reflected off of the product is captured by a mirror and focused onto a Lead Sulfide detector. The detector’s microvolt output is then taken by the on-board “smart” circuit board and converted into percent moisture or percent oil.

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