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Siemens SITRANS MDS Maintenance Diagnostic Station

Siemens SITRANS MDS Maintenance Diagnostic Station

Siemens SITRANS MDS Maintenance Diagnostic Station

Product Code: SITRANS MDS Maintenance Diagnostic Station

Manufacturer: Siemens


SITRANS MDS in cooperation with SIMATIC PDM increases significantly the transparency of a plant.

The main advantages of SIMATIC MDS are as follows:

  • Increase transparency of plant by reading diagnostic information from accessible devices and providing a well-organized representation of this information.
  • Representation of diagnostic status of a device as in SIMATIC PCS 7 or NAMUR NE 107 (switchable)
  • Ease of use through use of SIMATIC PDM project data
  • The update cycle for the diagnostic status can be uniformly set as the default value for all devices …
  • … as well as for each device individually.

SITRANS MDS increases the transparency of a plant by centrally compiling diagnostic information, directly from the accessible field devices. In principle, all devices that are integrated in SIMATIC PDM can be included in the compilation process.

SITRANS MDS can be used where the installed automation system does not support an integrated acyclic communication of parameters and diagnostic information with the devices. In the case of HART devices, this applies to 85% of all installed devices.

The modern SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system allows for this type of continuous communication from the engineering system up to the devices. It also features a decidedly higher performance asset management system. The use of SIMATIC MDS therefore does not make sense in a SIMATIC PCS 7 environment and is hence not approved for that purpose.

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