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Siemens SITRANS RD500

Siemens SITRANS RD500

Siemens SITRANS RD500

Product Code: SITRANS RD500

Manufacturer: Siemens

The SITRANS RD500 is a remote data manager providing integrated web access, alarm event handling, and data capture for instrumentation.

The RD500 is an easy-to-use remote data manager, using a web-based application and hardware modules. The unique modular approach allows a variety of process signals to be monitored, while the serial ports allow data to be collected from any Modbus RTU device.

The RD500 comprises a master communications module, and up to 16 slave modules. Various module types are available, allowing up to a maximum of 128 conventional inputs and outputs. The RD500’s serial ports can collect data from up to 247 Modbus RTU slave devices including field instruments.

The RD500’s built-in web server, FTP, and email client allows the process to be monitored remotely. Alarm notifications are communicated through email and SMS text messages to one or more recipients to ensure that appropriate actions are taken by personnel.

The RD500 supports external modems, providing flexibility for applications in which GSM/GPRS cellular or landline connectivity is desired.

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