Siemens Demonstration Facility

Siemens PA Demo Room

Siemens is proud to announce the addition of a new demonstration and training facility based at the Worcester Office. The new facility showcases how the Siemens TIA concept can be implemented to help reduce life cycle costs for small OEM packages through to full plant automation.

Life Cycle Management

Measurement and Control

xYAeMvng-C9ecvUrr-NoZkYHlJ5itXr1H1mRdbTfY0A-popPTiHzpqzDbapWo8nI6ed5SqQF_5ZHsLHo-J1bSd46ZCmITo0ua9hEdnof-ppztLKfn-mjXQZoF_9GhYTg7UOAVCOZoTQ1hIyKaffyaHufIQ=s0-d-e1-ftIntelligent control of a process can help optimize production and reduce costs. SIMATIC PCS 7 implements an industry library that can unlock that potential, with simple features such as pump cavitation control and partial stroke test for valves. However this information is heavily reliant on the data coming from the field instruments, can cavitation control be implemented without a precise and reliable level measurement?

Siemens instrumentation is ready to meet this challenge with a large portfolio and class leading feature such as:-

  • Reduce waste with the world’s most accurate ultrasonic level controller.
  • Increase safety with SIL 3 rated instruments.
  • Reduce downtime with innovative features such as memory card back-up of parameters.
  • Ready for government approvals, over 500 instruments ready for Mcerts liquid and gas emission monitoring
  • Reduce energy costs, with the Siemens PS2 pneumatic valve postioner.
  • Reduce commissioning time with SITRANS Library
  • Increased Accuracy and control with Siemens Remote IO based Load Cell systems

Siemens Remote IO Weighing cards

Intelligent Networks

mdBvvBvhAUE0MRGYetVi6LiZsyukHxb_AznnEKyrjXFLzHP-9VUIOhQNJX_W5qlVaV_s7bJbkhSSYHrJOsk4Shwc0410Ceo6S_Kyx2IeEFL2purK22FMx9jcNlFl4UA1Jn82rkbfpEhOsB-tp8dEkw5z3g=s0-d-e1-ftProfibus, Modbus, Foundation Fieldbus, Hart, Wireless Hart, Profinet, ProfiSafe. Easy for you to say but what advantages can intelligent networks unlock. See how getting it write first time can reduce commissioning time simplifying and reduce installation costs. Siemens can help reduce the headache that is often associated with network design from the control room all the way to the field instrument.

  • Profibus DP PA networks with Ring Redundancy.
  • Foundation Field bus with Ring Redundancy and Control In the Field.
  • Integration of simple Modbus instruments into TIA Portal
  • Hart communication on ET200 ISP, ideal for plant upgrades, as conventional 4-20mA cable can be utilized.
  • Wireless hart, bring back intelligence from difficult to reach locations with a self healing mesh network.

Wireless Hart
Profibus PA
Foundation FieldBus
Profibus DP


wnnHpLMP0X3jzuFtASYKdQBpzkZHcuy3hyK5YRYQL5DzYUwlOuCBGSV8QJqOK-GVMKK_NUcOm_AHawN6lcqtyIQ8opY2e_dm3K7X04dUzp9iPWn4dGOquzaF3gYWf4Xjh01lWHQAEpIam2X7I4MKsLx37A=s0-d-e1-ftKeeping a plant running and reducing down time is an everyday occurrence that can be a challenge for most expensive DCS systems. SIMATIC PCS 7 can help indentify alarms that are more critical to the process; hence helping the operator to focus on real issues rather than nuisance alarms. With the addition of Siemens Maintenance Station into SIMATIC PCS 7, site assets such as instruments can be grouped into easy to understand diagnostic screens matched to process diagrams, giving clear concise information about the fault. Using Siemens Instruments with Maintenance Station and SIMATIC PDM, helps reduce down time, simplify commissioning procedures, and centralize documentation and calibration reports.

The Siemens demo facility shows the full PDM suit from simple configuration of Hart instruments to full site integration as a standalone tool and integrated into Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7.

SIMATIC PCS 7 Maintenance Station

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